Why do you need a roof restoration?
If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to consider a roof restoration.

Visible signs that your roof may need restoring include fading, build up of moss and lichen, cracked tiles or evidence of internal leaks on your ceiling.

Left unattended these issues can cause further damage to your home, restoring your roof can help to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Restoring your roof is the most cost effective way to give your home an updated look, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

With a 12 year Paint Warranty, Restoration is an easy choice for thousands of home owners.

Roof Cleaning
Professional high pressure cleaning is an important step to prepare a roof for sealing and painting, and is generally the first step in the process.

Some roofs are also suitable for a clean only, without the full restoration. Dirt build up, moss and lichen are removed using high quality industrial pressure cleaning equipment.

Existing gutters are cleaned out as a part of this process. The exterior of the property is rinsed and cleaned down, as well as paths and driveways.

When tank water is in use, it is disconnected during cleaning to avoid any dirty water entering the tank.

Extra care is taken to cover swimming pools and other fixtures around the property.
Re-Pointing and Re-Bedding
It is important on a tiled roof, that the bedding and pointing is maintained. The bedding on your tiled roof holds your ridge caps in place, the pointing creates a seal.

During a roof restoration, bedding, pointing and repairs are generally the second step in the process, after pressure cleaning.

If your roof pointing is cracked or falling away, it can become an access point for rain water to enter your roof.

Ridge caps are secured to the roof by concrete bedding. When this bedding breaks down or is damaged, the ridge caps can loosen and become an entry point for water.

If the bedding is severely compromised, the ridge caps can become completely loose. In a storm, the ridge caps have potential to lift off the roof in wind.

This would cause extensive damage outside the property, as well as water ingress where the missing ridge caps leave the roof open.

Tiled roofs are bedded and pointed using Flexipoint, a product specifically designed to be used on tiled roofs.

Roof Painting
Our highly skilled and experienced roof painters use top of the line industrial airless spray paint machines, to apply specially formulated roof membrane paint to cement tile, terracotta tile and metal roofs.

A range of colours are available to select from, we can also provide colour matching if desired. All our membrane paint comes in a semi-gloss finish.

A total of three coats are applied,
One coat of Primer/Sealer –

Roof Sealer or Primer ensures an even base and adhesion of the membrane coat to the roof surface, specific primer is used for each type of roof (cement tile, terracotta tile and metal).

Two coats of Roof Membrane Paint –

Top quality paint, formulated from UV resistant 100% acrylic ingredients is used. Roof membrane paint forms a flexible protective layer that can expand and contract to combat the extremes of temperature that Australian roofs are subjected to.

Other Services Include:
– Gutter and fascia painting
– Garage Doors
– Driveway Sealing
– Driveway Resurfacing
– General Pressure Cleaning (houses, paths,)
– Fence Painting
– Gutter Guard
– Metal roof screw replacement
– Tile roof valley replacement
– Whirly Bird installation
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